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Somewhere In The Rainbow Gem & Jewelry Collection

2933 N Hayden Rd.,  
Scottsdale, Arizona  85251
United States of America

Contact: Sergent, Shelly
P: 602-696-4242
F: 480-949-1676

Products and Services

Works with multiple designers to help promote design of many genres for private collection owners.

Education & Marketing
Promote educational industry programs by loaning & exhibiting gemstones & jewelry. Museums/educational seminars related to the industry. We have diverse resources to promote fine color.

Other Services & Information
Assist in procuring fine gemstones for private collection owners and managers. Curator of special exhibits.

Natural Gemstones
Fine rare colored gemstones to help promote use & sales of color. We do not sell gemstones, only loan & promote educational experiences for the industry. Assist in procuring fine gemstones.