AGTA GemFair 2014 AGTA GemFair 2014

AGTA GemFair 2014

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2014 AGTA GemFairTM Tucson - From My Point of View

Speakers: Gary Roskin, G.G., F.G.A. Executive Director, International Colored Gemstone Association

Join Gary Roskin, gemologist, journalist, photographer, and Executive Director for the ICA, the International Colored Gemstone Association, to hear what he has heard, and see what he has seen. From beautiful images of gemstones through Roskin’s photography, to great sales tips he has gathered from our gems suppliers in the hall, Roskin brings you his unique observations from the show floor of the 2014 AGTA Tucson GemFair. You will not only be mesmerized by the gem and jewelry images, but you will also be able to take home something practical - several great color gemstone marketing strategies.


Adapting, Evolving and Moving Forward Now that the Economic Asteroid has Past

Speakers: Kate Peterson, Performance Concepts, Canton, OH

The economic downturn, recovery and roller-coaster repositioning of the past several years has taken a toll on luxury businesses. All of the unsteadiness has also made quite an impact on the luxury consumer, just as the shift to new generation buying patterns was picking up steam. In this session, you will walk through an assessment plan for the independent jeweler that will have you looking at the critical components of business now - with an eye toward the customer you're dealing with today - the millennial buyers who have a culture of their own, and an outlook that has been colored by economic chaos.


Adventures in Gemstone Origins Lab History, Challenges and Profitability

Speakers: Edward Boehm, GG, CG, FGA, RareSource, Chattanooga, TN

Colored gems are commanding higher prices than ever and gems with historical origins are at the top of the list. Independent laboratory reports are an essential part of the equation but they present challenges in accuracy, consistency, and nomenclature. Origin determination has a rich history that dates back to the early mineral collectors and research scientists of the 18th and 19th centuries.


Appraisal Esentials- Color Grading, Pricing and Important Considerations

Speakers: Cos Altobelli

Discussing software systems, continuing education, AGS advanced personal property program, custom made jewelry, copyright, assigning values with standardized mark-ups, modal average values, old cut diamonds, appraising diamonds with eye visible inclusions, foreign manufactured jewelry, cruise ship appraisals, synthetic diamonds, and synthetic colored gemstone chronology.


Canadian Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds - the little know is revealed

Speakers: Jonathan Phillips, G.G., C.G., Corona Jewelry Company, Toronto, Canada

Canadian Diamonds have been on the market for over eighteen years and Canada is now the third largest producer of rough diamonds in the world by value. Canadian diamonds were first known for their high clarity and color but Canada now produces all qualities. Within those millions of rough carats produced every year in Canada are natural fancy colored diamonds. These fancy colored diamonds that were originally coveted as collector items or sold into anonymity are now offered in the mainstream diamond tenders in Antwerp. From the diamond pipe at Ekati mine named Misery, which has produced some of the world’s most spectacular yellows, to the Diavik mine’s pink-purples we will visually explore both the history and current production of a wide range colours that come from Canada.


Cripple Creek, Colorado Turquoise

Speakers: Clint Cross, Burtis Blue Turquoise, Cripple Creek, CO

AGTA Member, Burtis Blue Turquoise, owner of the Burtis Blue Mine, the only active commercially viable turquoise mine remaining in Colorado is located near Cripple Creek. This presentation by mine manager, Clinton "Clint" Cross, a member of the Sokoki tribe of the Missiquoi Abenaki Nation with a mining and gem cutting background. Clinton presents an overview of the mining operation, the nature of the material produced - known for its exceptional hardness and is completely natural. Clint will discuss this interesting turquoise with no treatment or enhancement.


Pearls and Fashion

Speakers: The Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc.” Presenting will be Kathy Grenier, Public Relations/Marketing Director, The Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA), Inc. & Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor, JCK Magazine

what is trending and view an array of choices available today. Learn how to curate styles for your clientele, create your market niche, merchandise and ideas for promotion. This seminar takes you beyond - I've bought pearls, what do I do now?


Estate Jewelry: The Positive Effect of the Secondary Market

Speakers: Alan Nacht, Bernard Nacht & Co, New York

In this session, third generation estate jewelry dealer, Alan Nacht, discusses the positive effects the estate jewelry market has on the jewelry industry, including: the carbon footprint already made years ago, estate jewelry is sustainable and eco-friendly (which is appealing to today’s environmentally conscious society). Second hand jewelry contains many hidden treasures. Old cut diamonds, as well as certain rare gemstones either are no longer being mined, and are unavailable to the primary jewelry industry. The estate jewelry market opens up the availability of these items to the jewelry industry.


Gem Testing Techniques

Speakers: Alan Hodgkinson, FGA, President of the Scottish Gemmological Association

The venerable Alan Hodgkinson honors the AGTA community by returning to present his latest gemstone observations. He will share his practical gemmological techniques and identification strategies for colored gemstones. Always a seminar favorite, Mr. Hodgkinson will inspire new students of gemmology and even enlighten the seasoned gemmologist.


Gemstones in the Digital Age: Marketing Colored Gemstones in a Brave New World

Speakers: Bernadette Mack, Women’s Jewelry Association - Panel Discussion

Are you wondering how to connect with the modern gemstone consumer on digital or social media? Confused about how to tell the story of gemstone origin to your customers? Bring your questions to a lively, thought-provoking panel of digital media and colored gemstone stars and participate in a discussion that explores how gems present an important opportunity to set your business apart. This panel will discuss how—and why--to connect with the modern gemstone consumer on digital and social media, the increasing importance of gemstone origin to consumers, and how gemstones present an important opportunity to set your business apart as a designer or retailer.


Gianmaria Buccellati Master Goldsmith of Milan

Speakers: Larry E. French, G.G, , Chief Officer North American Strategies - Gianmaria Buccellati Foundation

This lecture, using a series of colorful images and personal stories, tells the story of one of the most brilliant and creative Goldsmiths of our time. It highlights many of his creations, some so highly respected that they are have been displayed in many of the world’s great art museums. Gianmaria Buccellati put far greater value on creativity and craftsmanship than carat weight or countless number of stones. Therefore the lecture also touches on the various techniques used to create his most extraordinary pieces, from the “Honeycomb” or “Tulle” lacework to the varied and intricate engraving styles. Many elements influenced his designs, from the Renaissance to the Baroque to the Rococo periods and perhaps, most of all, nature, and these are all discussed in the lecture.


Legal & Unusual Appraising Information

Speakers: Cos Altobelli, Altobelli Jewelers and Appraisal Services, Burbank, CA

Discussing contracts, waiving liability, expert witness, USPAP, colorvision and experts credentials, consignment appraising and disclosure, take-in disclaimer, sales tax, unconscionable pricing, the expert witness, hypothetical appraisal, and withholding information.


Market Update

Speakers: Richard Drucker, GG, GemWorld International, Chicago, Il

Market trends, industry issues, and the gems you'll see in Tucson. Researcher, author, and colored gemstone expert Richard Drucker offers compelling insights and sometimes uncomfortable truths as he shares what to expect regarding quantities, qualities, and pricing in 2014 and going forward.


Maximize Your Tradeshow ROI

Speakers: Andrea Hill, owner of Hill Management Group

Trade shows are expensive, exhausting, and time-consuming. But they’re worth it: For business-to-business sales organizations, they remain the single most beneficial source of qualified leads. Yet most companies that exhibit at trade shows leave substantial money on the table, missing out on the true power of trade show participation. In this session Andrea Hill will teach you the most important things you can do to maximize your trade show ROI and turn each trade show into a long-term sales generation machine.

Mock Roundtable: Hands on & Interactive

Speakers: Betty Sue King, King’s Ransom, Sausalito, CA

Do you want to sell more, attract new clients, build custom design, develop collectors and repeat buyers? Learn how to create a Roundtable RSVP event. Discover how to invite your clients to indulge their passion for things unique and precious.


Pearls of Wisdom

Speakers: Eric Fritz, FGA DGA, Gem-A, London, United Kingdom

A short introduction to Natural, Cultured and enhanced pearls and how to tell them apart or can you…. We will look at saltwater and freshwater, gorgeous and well, you know…some not so pretty only mother shellfish can love. Hands on, of course.


Ruby Treatments: From Oiling to Diffusion...and Everything in Between

Speakers: Christopher Smith, GG, American Gemological Laboratories (AGL), New York

In today’s market ruby remains one of the most popular gems sold at the wholesale and retail level. Yet never more than now have such a breadth of variations existed in the marketplace for this revered gem. The unaltered versions of these gems are available, yet for the majority of rubies sold in the US and abroad, some form of enhancement/treatment has taken place. These range from simple or rudimentary forms of enhancement that are easy to detect, to the very sophisticated, requiring advanced analytical techniques to identify. This lecture and workshop will review natural ruby: untreated and the various forms of treated, as well as lead-glass treated ruby also known as Composite Ruby, available in the market today. Guidelines for how the average gemologist may recognize the various forms of ruby will be provided and attendees will have the opportunity to examine a number of examples.


Solving the Puzzle:Associating the Pattern of Color with Prices at Auctions for Fancy Colored Diamonds

Speakers: Gail Brett Levine, GG, Auction Market Resource, National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, Rego Park, NY

Auction Market Resource has been tracking selected fancy color diamonds for over twenty years, using GIA nomenclature with real world color matching via GemDialogue Color System where it counts the most and price by carat. What are your guidelines for separating W-X-Y-Z colors with the fancy yellows? Do you have the guidelines for other colors as well? Do you have a good perspective on color concepts?


Spectacular Spectrums

Speakers: Pat Daly, FGA DGA, Gem - A, London, United Kingdom

The spectroscope is a useful, portable piece of handheld gem testing equipment, which can provide diagnostic results if used correctly. From the common to the unusual, Gem - A tutors will guide you through the correct techniques for successful absorption spectra observation, as well as associated problems and pitfalls. This hands - on workshop will cover spectroscope models, best practices with correct illumination.


Sri-Lanka - Gem Mining, Culture and Heat Treatment Methods

Speakers: Sheahan Stephen, Sheahan Stephen Sapphires, San Francisco, CA

To visit Sri Lanka is to experience one of the great gem sources and trading centers in the world. The unity between the cultural, social and historical influences of Sri Lanka and the amazing gemstones it produces, creates an intricate economy. Sheahan Stephen will share his first-hand experiences in the gem trade and Sri Lanka, and also discuss different types of mining, mining culture and history. A portion of his presentation will discuss the latest in heat treatment processes, as well as Sri Lankan colored gemstone pricing.


Success in the Colored Stone Revolution: Passion and a Plan

Speakers: Douglas K. Hucker, GG, CEO, American Gem Trade Association, Dallas, TX

Colored gemstone jewelry is rapidly evolving from just a fashion staple to one of the primary sources of growth in revenue and margins in the retail industry. This seminar will address the marketplace, the trends and the issues that are impacting your success with this exciting and challenging product.


The Brazillian Legend..."Paraiba" Tourmaline: Past,Present, Future. Plus... An Ethical Gem Source? Bahia Golden Rutilated Quartz

Speakers: Brian Cook, Geologist, Nature’s Geometry, Tucson, AZ & Bahia, Brazil

A brief but thorough history of the Batalha Mine, type locality for cuprian elbaite tourmaline, neon & electric colors. Literally Introduced to the broad world in Tucson, February 1990. If you were you there then, you will recall your first encounter. “A new stone”, as Heitor Barbosa foretold, “something completely different”. From 1989 to 2014 in images. “Paraiba” tourmaline. A name? A place? A color, a quality? This lecture gives the audience the opportunity to see the three important Brazilian localities focusing on the original mine.


The History of Tsavorite and the Scorpion Mine

Speakers: Bruce Bridges, Bridges Tsavorite, Tucson

Bruce Bridges, the son of the legendary geologist Campbell Bridges, will give a presentation and first-hand account of the history of Tsavorite and the adventure filled life of his father. Renowned for his discovery of Tsavorite, Campbell Bridges was also Tiffany and Co.’s consultant geologist on Tanzanite and the man to bring the first Tanzanite for identification to the United States. His geological expertise allowed him to lead successful, if often perilous, hunts for some of the world's rarest gemstones in the uninhabited bush of East Africa. His buccaneering life featured frequent brushes with snakes and scorpions, big cats and buffalo; and of course, the story of his discovery of Tsavorite in the Tanzanian bush in 1967.


The Oceanview Mine of California

Speakers: Mark Mauthner, M.A., G.G., Oceanview Mines, LLC., Pala, CA

The Oceanview Mine in southern California’s famous Pala district is the newest heartbeat of one of the USA’s premier gem mining camps. Although the original Ocean View claim was staked in 1903, the current operation bears little resemblance to the tiny pit explored over a century ago by the early miners. Started by Jeff Swanger in 2001, Oceanview Mines, LLC, purchased the Oceanview claim and began a new just below the Elizabeth R mine, then being worked by Roland Reed. Over the last 15 years, Swanger and his crew have dug more tunnel on Chief Mountain than had been in the previous century. Operations now include not only the Oceanview mine, but also the Elizabeth R, and also the famous Pala Chief. In addition to numerous small finds, the miners encountered several significant finds, largely of spodumene (varieties: kunzite & triphane), as well as fine tourmaline, beryl (varieties: aquamarine & morganite) and quartz (Varieties: smoky & citrine).


The True North Gems Greenland Mning Operation

Speakers: Hayley Henning & John Mattinsen, True North Gems, New York, NY

Hayley Henning and John Mattinsen of True North Gems will take you to south western Greenland to show you the progress at the Aappaluttoq mine. Discover the natural beauty of the Greenland Rubies and Pink Sapphires, and their traceable route to market through RubyTrack™.


Training to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Speakers: Kate Peterson, Performance Concepts, for Diamond Council of America, Nashville, TN

Most in our industry would agree that there are far too many untrained (or undertrained) sales associates working in stores today. Even retailers who WANT to train their people and who WANT to offer a level of professional development and growth often fall short because they have absolutely no idea where to begin - what topics are really important, how to hold people accountable, where to find the time to prepare... etc. In this session, you'll learn how to build a wellorganized, easy to manage training plan that works, whether you're working with 2 people or 20!


Update on the Jade Market and Trends

Speakers: Jeff Mason, G.G., President of Mason – Kay, Inc., Centennial, CO, Renee Newman, G.G., Author, Los Angeles, CA, Kirk Makepeace, Jade West, Vancouver, Canada

Jadeite and nephrite prices are continuing to reach record highs at jewelry auctions. Learn what is driving the demand for jade and how to take advantage of it to increase your jewelry sales and expand your inventory. Jeff Mason, president of Mason-Kay provides an update on the Burmese jadeite embargo, pricing and jadeite design trends. Kirk Makepeace, president of the Jade West Group and Jade Mine, discusses current British Columbia jade mining, pricing, and nephrite jewelry production and designs. Gem-book author Renée Newman shows how designers and carvers are using nephrite and jadeite from California, Guatemala, Siberia, Wyoming and the Yukon to create contemporary jewelry and carvings that are winning awards at Chinese jade exhibitions.